In Conversation with Louis VI

We spent time getting to know musician, presenter and zoologist Louis VI recently, as he kindly fit us in to his jam-packed schedule to talk all things Nature.

Louis VI is not only a rising star in the music world, he is the first artist to have Nature herself featured as a stand-alone artist on his latest release called Orange Skies. In this interview, he talks us through where his passion sparked to integrate his love of the natural world into his career, the push he needed to navigate this, his wide-range of inspirations and the places, experiences and people most special to him.

Shortly after this interview, Louis VI went on to speak at the UN in NYC and is set to release a documentary, host Spring Watch in the UK and, of course, inspire the world with new music.

We loved speaking with Louis and we’re so proud to have him as a ReWild Yourself Champion. We hope you enjoy it too!

Watch separate clips from the interview below.

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Louis’s Connection to Nature

We’re always keen to explore people’s relationship with Nature, as everyone’s is unique. We thoroughly enjoyed the way Louis talked so poetically about the animal he feels such a close affinity with – the Octopus. Taking from his own professional business, he’s grown to admire their tenacity, versatility and intelligence. We also explore in this chapter a location and experience in which he felt the most close to Nature, a memory he cherishes.

Louis VI: ‘Earthling’ Album

Exploring what it truly means to be an Earthling, how to be more aware of the world around you, and why it’s so important to diversify the approach we have toward Nature in mainstream media. Louis talks representation, deep connection and how everything is connected.

Nature Aint A Luxury: Louis’ Upcoming Documentary

From topical ‘Karen’ moments told through Louis’ experiences with race and inequality within the Nature space, to what message and inspiration he hopes to spread with his TV presenting roles. This was a funny, shocking, gripping part of the interview and we thank Louis for sharing this with us.

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