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Louis VI

Louis is a producer, zoologist, multi-instrumentalist and rapper from London. His second album, EARTHLING (released last year) is part ode to Nature, part powerful reminder of the damaging legacy of colonialism, and a call for climate justice.  Louis is also a self proclaimed “Nature geek”. He uses his music,  film and art to speak more authenticity, with heart and humility, about the environment, especially to the PoC community and those that have been traditionally alienated. Louis believes in a world where Nature is considered a right, rather than a luxury, a sentiment at the heart of his upcoming film, “Nature ain’t a Luxury”, his follow up to the short film The World is Yours

Check back soon to watch our conversation with Louis VI, ahead of his upcoming film, “Nature ain’t a luxury”

How does time in Nature, and feeling connected to Nature, help you personally?

“When I’m in Nature, it takes me away from that internal noise.  I’m like, “yeah, this is right”. I feel all the imbalances, mentally and physically, just kind of leveled. The best thing for me is just being still. You start to hear and see what’s actually going on and realise just how busy it is – the bees, the flies, the birds – you kind of get the pace of Nature and you start to slot in and become part of it. It’s like a drug!  I’m almost always trying to get it.”

What advice do you have for people looking for a better connection with Nature?

“One thing is to know that, even if you feel like you don’t have a relationship with Nature, even if Society is trying to sever that connection, it is still there. It is still your natural evolutionary way of existing. So my advice is to trust that process. Whether it takes one time or a few times, eventually, it will make you feel better. We need to relearn how to talk with Nature, to have that conversation. The language is still there, but we’ve kind of forgotten a lot of it. Good news is that it is easy to learn once you just sit in it for a bit.”


What changes would you like to see to help more people access Nature and build positive, nurturing relationships with it? 

“Lots of things! I think you need to pay people to be stewards of Nature and it needs to be on a national level, almost like an inscription. Indigenous land rights need to be fully granted and reparations paid to the Global South. We need to immediately defund fossil fuels and tax environmentally damaging activity. Probably the biggest thing for me though, would be to remove the things that attract the wrong people to politics. Get rid of the money and power aspects. It should be much more like jury service than a career. It’s supposed to be public services after all. Oh, and the voting age needs to be 16!


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