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Welcome to ReWild Yourself

Brought to you by Voice for Nature Foundation, ReWild Yourself is a global programme creating opportunities for individuals and communities to connect with Nature and wild places, uniting both humanity and Nature’s wellbeing.

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Dive in to find a global network of ReWilders, visit our World Map and learn about our ReWild Yourself Champions. Explore Nature connectedness content and tools, and connect with us on social media.

Why Now?

For our and the planet’s health and well-being

By healing our inner world through Nature we can find solutions that heal the planet and support each other. Check out our principles learn more about the ReWild Yourself initiative.

Our principles
To create equitable access for all

We’re creating new pathways to make Nature available to everyone. Check out the list of ReWilders who are on the ground creating those opportunities.

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A deep disconnection to Nature in this modern time

Take to time to understand how to reconnect to both your external Nature but also the Nature within us all. Our Explore page is filled with resources to support you in this journey.

It’s time to evolve

Social, environmental and health crises have overwhelmed us and our planet. Returning to Nature is the remedy. Check out the World Map and find a place in your backyard to connect with Nature.

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If you want to learn more or have a questions, check out our About section to dive in deeper.

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We are Nature. Nature is us.
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