ReWild Yourself is a new global programme working to bring out our collective inner wilderness and strengthen our connection with Nature and wild places.

It was founded by David de Rothschild and Katie McLaurin amid growing scientific evidence of the profoundly positive impact that Nature has on human mental and physical well being.

Access to Nature remains deeply inequitable, and seeing their young families benefit from being outdoors redoubled David and Katie’s lifelong belief that every child deserves those benefits.

ReWild Yourself launched with commissioned research, and 2 successful summer camps bringing inner city kids to wild places.

The camps evolved into an ongoing programme, as well as a series of city guides that have helped thousands to connect with Nature in urban settings.

Embedded in ReWild Yourself is a belief that when people fall in love with Nature, they want to protect it, and the team are working with experts, practitioners, organisations, community groups and individuals to create tools and experiences to help make Nature available to all.

In 2024 we launched the Champions programme, to showcase the work of 10 inspiring individuals who are innovating ways of achieving this, and collaborating with community organisations.

ReWild Yourself is brought to you by the Voice For Nature Foundation.

ReWild Yourself is a project by the Voice For Nature Foundation, a registered UK charity. Find out more information on the website linked.

Everything you need to know about champions now live! Select “champions” from the drop down menu.

We welcome guest writers, collaboration partners, similar organisations and future rewilders to get in touch. We also run an internship programme. Hit “contact” to speak with the team.

We work with organisations that help forge a deeper human connection to Nature. This could be national parks, forest makers, non-profits, museums, publications – you name it!

Each of the ReWild Yourself organisations on the “ReWilder” page have been chosen for their on-the-ground work in their communities. We currently have 6 categories that define the organisations – Community, Green Spaces, National Parks, NGO, partners and youth organisations. As this is a growing network, we are always open to adding more categories, please get in touch if you have an idea!

Voice for Nature Foundation and all organisations listed are separate entities and have no affiliation. This website is an place to easily access Nature experiences and knowledge, but Voice for Nature Foundation is not paid by these organisations to advertise and do not subsidise them either.


No – we welcome all organisations and experiences including those that are fee-based, though we would like to offer as many experiences as possible that are accessible for all regardless of financial position. Please get in touch if you have further or specific questions about this.

Our organisations are located all over the world. We have lots already listed and more appearing as we grow – eventually we will have many organisations all over our interactive map.

If the organisation serves the vision of ReWild Yourself, yes!

We would love to hear from any organisation who might want to be included in this online network. Please reach out to us with a detailed email about you or your organisation and we will be in touch.

Organisations are currently listed without any fee.

Of course! Recommendations are wonderful for us. Please contact us with further information.

That’s correct, we aim to bring all local services to people with the zoom-in feature of the map, so you’ll be listed in several locations.

Voice for Nature Foundation

ReWild Yourself is an initiative from the Voice for Nature Foundation, a charity working to reconnect people everywhere with the natural world.

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