ReWild Yourself is an initiative to create equitable access to the healing benefits of Nature that in turn allows both Nature and humanity to regain an equilibrium.

This initiative was created by Voice For Nature

Voice For Nature Ltd is a global organisation changing the narrative around Nature. We aim to be Nature’s voice in the modern world – reconnecting, rewilding and reigniting the bonds between humans and Mother Earth.

Voice for Nature currently creates the following projects: ReWild Yourself, Plastiki, The Nature Bar

We’re a small international team based in 6 locations – visit www.voicefornature.com to learn more.

We have offices in the UK and USA, but we have a global team also in Mexico and Australia.

We fundraise for all of our projects and work with brands, businesses and individuals who share our vision.




Andy Laub

The Lodge at Blue Sky


We are always looking for opportunities to work with incredible community leaders, organizations, storytellers, artists, and brands who share our mission to help to humanity connect to Nature.

Feel free to contact us about any opportunities to work together using our contact form within the footer of the website.

Yes! See details under “Library” tab


Pandora Thomas, EARTHseed Farm 

Pandora Thomas is a passionate global citizen who works as a caregiver for her mother and globally as a teacher, writer, designer, and speaker with over 25 years of experience. Pandora’s work emphasizes the benefits of applying ecological principles to social design. She is the founder and land steward of EARTHseed farm. To learn more check out EARTHseed.

ReWild Yourself Ambassadors are local leaders who help to support their communities connect with Nature, whether that is through weekly programmes, retreats, educational experiences, support groups, therapy, etc. They share a passion and devotion to create genuine connection with Nature but also encourage and bring awareness around conservation and the protection of our natural environment.

We have a global network of Ambassadors from all over the world, and we’re always looking for more advocates to join us at ReWild Yourself.

We want to hear from you! Please send detailed information about you/your organisation to rewildyourself@voicefornature.com.

Yes please! We’d love to hear about anyone doing brilliant work in their space. Use the contact form to get in touch.

Youth voices are so important to us, we’re very excited to gather some young Ambassadors in the future. Get in touch if you have an idea!

Our content is currently created in-house by our Digital Communications team, based in the UK & USA.

We would love to have guest writers for our site – if you have a topic in mind, or have a piece ready to go, please get in touch via our contact form.

Yes! We have been very lucky to have wonderful interns write for us in the past and are developing an internship programme at Voice for Nature (our mother company) – visit www.voicefornature.com to find out more.

We don’t currently have an in-house photographer who is able to develop an internship with us, but if you are a keen photographer who would like experience of working in Digital Communications and as part of a team, we would consider applications. Please email us via our contact form.

Yes! We are actively on the lookout for content creators for platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn, as well as the website. Reach out via our contact form.

Please do – we love to hear from our audience about topics that inspire them. Use the contact form to get in touch.

We pull stories from our own interests, current media, world events and our partners. We’re always open to new ideas and voices – get in touch if you’d like to get involved.

All stories and information in the Library is free to be used as you wish. We would really appreciate including a link or credit reference if this is shared online or in print. All copyright is held by Voice For Nature Ltd.

We work with organisations that help forge a deeper human connection to Nature. This could be national parks, forest makers, non-profits, museums, publications – you name it!

Each of the ReWild Yourself organisations on the “ReWilder” page have been chosen for their on-the-ground work in their communities. We currently have 6 categories that define the organisations – Community, Green Spaces, National Parks, NGO, partners and youth organisations. As this is a growing network, we are always open to adding more categories, please get in touch if you have an idea!

Voice for Nature and all organisations listed are separate entities and have no affiliation. This website is an place to easily access Nature experiences and knowledge, but Voice for Nature is not paid by these organisations to advertise and do not subsidise them either.


No – we welcome all organisations and experiences including those that are fee-based, though we would like to offer as many experiences as possible that are accessible for all regardless of financial position. Please get in touch if you have further or specific questions about this.

Our organisations are located all over the world. We have lots already listed and more appearing as we grow – eventually we will have many organisations all over our interactive map.

If the organisation serves the vision of ReWild Yourself, yes!

We would love to hear from any organisation who might want to be included in this online network. Please reach out to us with a detailed email about you or your organisation and we will be in touch.

Organisations are currently listed without any fee.

Of course! Recommendations are wonderful for us. Please contact us with further information.

That’s correct, we aim to bring all local services to people with the zoom-in feature of the map, so you’ll be listed in several locations.

Annually we have our global ReWild Yourself Youth camps. To learn more, check out our Library to see our most recent RWY Youth camp in Utah.

We are always looking for sponsorships from the right people. We’d love you to approach us with any ideas to discuss.

Thank you for offering to volunteer your time! Please email rewildyourself@voicefornature.com with a CV and cover note to register to be a volunteer.

We are always looking to expand our network of ReWilders. If you have services to offer for a RWY camp or event, please reach out to us via our contact form.



Amazing! Please use the contact form to get in touch and let’s talk.

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