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ReWild Yourself is an initiative to create equitable access to the healing benefits of Nature that in turn allows both Nature and humanity to regain an equilibrium.

This initiative was created by Voice For Nature

Voice For Nature Ltd is a global organisation changing the narrative around Nature. We aim to be Nature’s voice in the modern world – reconnecting, rewilding and reigniting the bonds between humans and Mother Earth.

Voice for Nature currently creates the following projects: ReWild Yourself, Plastiki, The Nature Bar

We’re a small international team based in 6 locations – visit www.voicefornature.com to learn more.

We have offices in the UK and USA, but we have a global team also in Mexico and Australia.

We fundraise for all of our projects and work with brands, businesses and individuals who share our vision.




Andy Laub

The Lodge at Blue Sky


We are always looking for opportunities to work with incredible community leaders, organizations, storytellers, artists, and brands who share our mission to help to humanity connect to Nature.

Feel free to contact us about any opportunities to work together using our contact form within the footer of the website.

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