VIDEO PODCAST: Beauty Pathway

As part of our ‘It’s Time to ReWild Yourself’ campaign, we  invite a series of experts for a chat.

This month, we are joined by Sarah Witts, from Nature Connects CIC, wildlife photographer Rachel Bigsby, and photographer, guide and re-wilder, Luke Massey.

We discuss what we mean by nature connection and why it is so valuable, how best to notice and capture beauty in Nature (with and without a camera), and how noticing beauty in particular is such a powerful tool in improving our relationship with Nature. We also reviewed a few of the submissions we’ve received for our ‘Unexpected Beauty in Nature’ Challenge.

Look out for next month’s episode, looking at the Senses pathway to Nature Connection.

Rachel Bigsby

A leading wildlife photographer amongst her contemporaries, Rachel Bigsby is a 27-year-old self-taught wildlife photographer carving an awe-inspiring career with her passion for seabirds and her flare for capturing natural artistry.

Rachel is a winner in five of the world’s most prestigious competitions, including as the winner of ‘Natural Artistry’ in Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the portfolio winner in Bird Photographer of the Year. She is also a Nikon creator, a published photographer by National Geographic, a photographer for the RSPB and the National Trust and an ambassador for Badger Trust. 


Luke Massey

Luke Massey is a widely regarded nature guide, wildlife photographer and cameraman. He has guided all over the world and has a passion for sharing his love of nature with others. His stills photography has been awarded in numerous competitions, including the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards. He now spends much of his time on his rewilding project, Wild Finca, in Asturias Northern Spain.


Sarah Witts

Sarah is a Nature, health and wellbeing practitioner. She has had a deep love for the natural world since childhood. However, it was when she discovered the science of nature connection 10 years ago that this relationship really became one of healing, connecting and reciprocity. In 2020 she embarked on a Foundation in Ecopsychology and nature based practice with the Natural Academy.

This gave her the skills, confidence and competence to set up Nature Connects CIC ( in Cornwall.  Over the last 4 years Nature Connects has supported hundreds of people to develop and deepen their relationship to Nature and to recognise they are part of it.

Please get in touch via 07767 427 968

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