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WWT are a wetland restoration charity and global community of nature lovers. By protecting vital habitats, WWT are unlocking the power of wetlands and helping nature burst back to life.

WWT also encourages outdoor, nature-based learning and run initiatives and activities to help people connect with Nature.  This includes their Generation Wild and Blue Influencer programmes, as well as, on site experiences at their wetland centres throughout the UK. 

Generation Wild

Generation wild is a nature connection programme for schools, children (age 5-11) and families in economically disadvantaged areas. It has connected thousands of children and families with Nature, improving well-being and increasing care and concern for the natural world. 

Starting with a story

Nature connection can be enhanced through arts-based activities. WWT worked with a creative partner called Stand and Stare to develop an extraordinary story, based on a central character, Ava, who is part girl, part Osprey.

Empowering teachers and families

If we are to reconnect children with nature, we can’t act alone. We can provide the initial spark for this process but it is children’s teachers and families who are ultimately able to facilitate a long-term connection with the natural world. Generation Wild supports teachers and family members as they start children on their journey towards a life-long love of nature.

The results speak for themselves….


“It got my brain working, while it keeps me calm on another level, distracting me from my worries.”

~ Pupil

“It felt so amazing to know how animals feel, to understand what they are looking for…”

~ Pupil

This was great! When I feel lonely, I speak or make friends with my special tree!

~ Pupil

Generation Wild offers nature connection through storytelling and adventure.

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Blue Influencers

Blue Influencers is a youth social action programme empowering young people (age 10-14) to take action for nature, especially the blue spaces near where they live.  

The scheme aims to make environmental social action a regular, habitual part of young people’s lives. By removing barriers to access they hope to help young people create deep, lasting and meaningful connections to the natural environment via their local coasts and rivers.


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