PARTNER FEATURE: The Visionaries

The Visionaries


An education movement equipping educators and young people to lead change with nature.

The Visionaries are an inter-generational community of adults and young people guided by Nature to learn how to act in service of our collective liberation and healing.

At the core of their work is a connection with Nature – as a guide, rallying point, source of inspiration and community. This makes them wonderful ReWild Yourself partners, and contributors to our It’s Time to ReWild Yourself Campaign

The Visionaries vision is for society to be more regenerative* (i.e. people and planet thriving together) where people are supported to understand and develop compassion towards themselves and others, to see themselves as part of the more-than-human world, to have experiences that frequently connect them with it, and feel enlivened and hopeful about their future.

The Visionaries community supports one another through events, resources and skill-sharing. Check out some of the specific events and retreats below and visit their website to find out how you can join this wonderful nourishing and regenerative community. 

The Village

Week-long mountain adventures in the UK wilderness  held throughout the year, for those wanting to gain confidence and guidance from nature and community.   At each camp you are invited to discover what happens when you tune in to the wisdom of Nature,  put your phones away and give yourselves time to notice your body in the present, your stories of the past, and your dreams for the future.

Sounds good? You can find upcoming dates here.

The Visionary Schools Lab

The Visionary Schools Lab (VSL) is a collaborative space for educators who recognise the important role education plays in addressing social and environmental challenges.

As a ‘lab’, the VSL works in and across educational settings, researching and pioneering new learning models that centre belonging, relationships and environmental health.

From one-off sessions to longer learning partnerships, the VSL collaborates in a responsive and flexible way and can modify any training, CPD, Inset and Twilight offering to meet specific needs and context.

You can find out more here, and hear directly from those who have taken part in the video below.

Wild and Well

Wid and Well are nature connection sessions for small groups of 12 – 25 year olds run locally, guided by experienced nature guides. Programmes are carefully tailored to each site and age group, and include nature crafts, environmental projects, nature walks, mindfulness, sharing circles and learning about mental health.

Being a young person in today’s world can be challenging in many ways – fitting in, standing out, navigating puberty and relationships, juggling the pressures of academic life and stepping into adulthood – that’s a lot going on!  Wild & Well helps young people find joy, life satisfaction and discover their place in the world.

By deepening one’s connection to self, to others and to the living world around us, we can learn to thrive; now and well into the future.

Amongst the trees and leaves, supported by a small group of fellow travellers, every young person finds a space to grow, laugh, and learn in ways that textbooks can’t teach. Nature shows us not only how to face life’s challenges but thrive through them.

You can find our more here.

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