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The Natural Academy


Learning that grows and connects

The understanding  and practice of  Nature Connection is blooming. This is in part due to the work of organisations like Natural Academy, who work with individuals and organisations to deliver accredited training courses and ongoing support to help them work with people in Nature.

As we are now understanding, it isn’t just time in Nature that is beneficial, but more importantly our relationship with Nature that has the greatest impact. Expert facilitation is key to helping create these feelings of connection, so the more we share best practice and support others in become expert facilitators, the better. Natural Academy are doing this in several ways…


The Pathway

If you are an individual seeking a career in nature, health and wellbeing, ecotherapy and eco-depth Natural Academy’s vocational pathway is for you.



If you are an organisation wanting to access professional training and support to develop nature and health services, check out Naturewell.


Wherever you are, and in your own time, you can complete one of  the Natural Academy’s interactive online courses in ecopsychology or nature connectedness.



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