Greening cities and re-imagining urban life

SUGi creates Pocket Forests of native species in urban environments. Using the Miyawaki Method, they have planted hundreds of climate resilient forests in cities across the world. By working directly with communities to design, plant and then maintain each forest, they create thriving sanctuaries for wildlife and help reconnect people with Nature, making them perfect ReWild Yourself partners.

SUGi provides a 360 degree approach to biodiversity building, ecosystem restoration, and (re)establishing Nature connections in communities.

From the design to species selection, planting, and communicating the benefits of the forests, SUGi works closely with their Forest Makers to ensure an all-rounded, symbiotic approach to creating Nature hubs.

The Miyawaki Planting Method

SUGi follows the Miyawaki Method of planting ultra-dense, biodiverse forests of native species only. Thus, ensuring a conscious and intentional creation of pocket forests that truly benefit not only the local ecosystem, but the local community as well.

By restoring the soil, air, and all the elements of a healthy biological ecosystem, their work helps strengthen social bonds between communities as well as individual reconnection with nature, in a tangible and enduring way.

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