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Forestry England


You’ll find what you need in the forest to feel healthy and happy

When It’s Time to ReWild Yourself, there is perhaps no better way than in the company of trees. This makes Forestry England perfect partners for our campaign to help people improve their relationship with the natural world, through the five pathways to Nature connection: Beauty, Senses, Emotion, Meaning, and Compassion. 

For over 100 years, Forestry England have been growing, shaping and caring for over 1,500 of the nation’s forests. With careful planning, planting, and management they have improved not only the environment but also the population’s mental and physical health.

Trees and physical health

Trees lead to better human health. It’s that simple. The key impacts include improved air quality, higher levels of physical exercise, a reduction in serious health conditions and higher levels of reported happiness and mental wellbeing. Forests create all sorts of opportunities to get active, from walking, cycling, and running, to scavenger hunts, den building and crafting. Anything that gets people more active is great news for a range of health conditions, especially obesity, which has been rising steadily over the years. 

Trees and wellbeing

Trees have what feels like an almost magical ability to make us feel better. Whether spending time with one special tree, or surrounded by a full forest, studies have shown that even short-term exposure to the forest can enhance positive emotions, lower blood pressure and heart rate and reduce stress. 

To help unlock this magic, Forestry England have created a number of fantastic videos and activity resources. Check them out below and visit the Forestry England website for more details. 

Learning Resources

A selection of free resources to download, to make your next forest visit a fun learning bonanza.

Healthy Connections – Children’s University

A selection of resource sheets for different age ranges, packed full of fun forest ideas and challenges, designed especially to help young people connect with Nature

Wellbeing Trails and Journal

Forestry England have created a series of wellbeing trails through forests across the country, lined with themed panels and interpretation to help you slow down, notice and connect with the forest.

Visit their website to find your nearest trail. You can also download your very own my forest wellbeing journal, with more guidance and instruction, to use in any forest you may find yourself in. 

Forest England Videos

Playlist of forest wellbeing videos

Can’t make it down to the woods today? No problem, Forestry England have you covered with a playlist of videos designed to help you soak up some of the sights and sounds of the forest, to tide you over till your next visit. 

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