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The Guelph Outdoor School

It is our sincere intention to learn the stories of the lands on which we run programs everyday – and what stories – human and nonhuman alike, are part of it. The land beneath our feet has been shaped and molded by humans, both by indigenous peoples who have been stewarding it for millennia, and by settlers who have largely occupied and exploited it. In these ways, the land hold stories of colonization, displacement and resource extraction, as well as stories of resistance, resilience and healing.

As we build relationships with each other and the land we live, work and play on, what vision might we co-create for the future of the land and those who live on it? What stories can and will we write together?

How might we be inspired to rethink the colonial narrative of place and instead look into how others align with the land and learn to live in relationship with the land?

Voice for Nature Foundation

ReWild Yourself is an initiative from the Voice for Nature Foundation, a charity working to reconnect people everywhere with the natural world.

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