Isla Urbana

Guided by our motto “rain for all” , Islaurbana developed a hybrid work model, creating a business aspect for the project that offers catchment systems and sustainable water technologies in the market, and keeping the other purely social side that works in the communities. marginalized where the lack of water suffers the most. In this way, over the last few years, Islaurbana have had the pleasure of being able to work with the full diversity of our country, installing collection systems, from small, isolated houses in distant mountains, to factories and businesses in the centre of the city. Mexico City.

Islaurbana objective has been to turn this area into a model for the expansion of the rain harvest in the peri-urban area of ​​the Valley of Mexico. Tlalpan is home to the largest number of people without connection to the water distribution network in CDMX. More than 24,000 homes must be supplied with piped water and 300,000 people suffer from lack of water in the area.

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