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Farm School

We train new experts in the fields of sustainable agriculture and urban agriculture, and center BIPOC in our programs. This is because racial and cultural diversity and diversity of life experience of teachers and students are essential–NYC Urban Agriculture depends on this diversity for its success.

Social justice is at the core of Farm School NYC structure and curriculum, which is why we:

  • Serve as a resource and support for NYC food growers

  • Increase urban food production and access

  • Encourage cities to recognize and support urban agriculture

  • Train people for “green jobs” in urban agriculture

  • Advocate for the creation of green jobs

  • Provide courses that are financially accessible to all

  • Support partner organizations, teachers, community leaders, host sites and students

Voice for Nature Foundation

ReWild Yourself is an initiative from the Voice for Nature Foundation, a charity working to reconnect people everywhere with the natural world.

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