Why do we spell Nature with a capital letter?

We love to break the ‘rules’… and when it come to Nature, we roll differently.


We always capitalise the word Nature.


We do this always to acknowledge Nature as an autonomous living entity. We believe Nature should be granted personhood and hold legal rights. This is already being demonstrated through the global Rights of Nature movement. A movement that has secured legal rights akin to personhood in rivers and localities including New Zealand, India, United States, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Canada.

As noted by Myra Jackson, UN Permanent Representative in New York, in the clip linked below… Language plays a role in our perception of, and relationship with Nature itself. The capitalisation of Nature has been re-adopted by the UN, and is being used in the UN Secretary General’s reports.

*Note: It is only the root word Nature we capitalise — natural remains uncapitalised.

Myra Jackson articulates it well in the Rights of Nature session at The Nature Bar in Glasgow…



Nature vs. nature

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