Introducing ReWild Yourself

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.
~ E.O. Wilson

Born out of a vision of equitable access to the healing benefits of Nature, ReWild Yourself aims to help Nature and Humanity regain an equilibrium. ReWild Yourself is an open, equitable platform to share, learn and grow.

One of Voice for Nature’s missions is to help ReWild the world. To create experiences and opportunities that allow equitable access to nature, regardless of age, race, gender and socioeconomic status, while also encouraging a healing path of one’s inner nature that comes from time spent in Nature.

Through research, we have identified five major findings that reveal a profound interest-action gap in Americans’ relationship with Nature, which we also believe are global issues. (1) Physical places, or built environments, generally discourage contact with the natural world. (2) Competing priorities for time, attention, and money prevent contact with Nature from becoming routine and habitual. (3) Declining dependence on the natural world for livelihood and subsistence. (4) New technologies, especially electronic media, distract and captivate. (5) Shifting expectations about what is “good” contact with Nature.

Some groups, especially minorities, younger adults and urban and suburban residents encounter additional barriers, including discomfort being outdoors alone, a lack of financial resources, and a lack of social support.

We shall be delivering our mission through a series of different activities, from the transformation of physical urban spaces to the creation of immersive experiences within Nature. Through our programmes, we hope to inspire and educate a new wave of changemakers, empowering them through challenges and team building with Nature as the setting. With accessibility being at the heart of everything we do, we will source equipment, tools, support with travel costs and entry fees to assist access to Nature for all.

Moreover, our platform will be used for sharing ideas, shifting perspectives, and storytelling, providing a place to learn about the natural environment and environmental issues. We hope you choose to follow along with us on this journey. To learn more, check out our About section of the website. 

Happy ReWilding!

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