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In Conversation with Sam Lee

On a drizzly day in February, we met up with musician, storyteller and ReWild Yourself Champion, Sam Lee, to shelter from the North London weather and catch up over a cup of tea.

In a wide ranging conversation, Sam shared with us details of his upcoming album, mused on his favourite Nature sounds and species, and explained to us why folk songs are not only so appealing, but vitally important. It was a pleasure to spend time with Sam and is always a treat to listen to him speak so enthusiastically (with characteristic poeticism and charm) about Nature, folksong, and our duty to protect both. We hope you enjoy it too!

Watch separate clips from the interview below.

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Sam’s connection to Nature

We’re always keen to explore people’s relationship with Nature, as everyone’s is unique. With this in mind, we asked Sam what animal he feels a close affinity with, expecting it to be the Nightingale of course (The Nightingale: Notes on a Songbird), but his answer surprised us! We also discussed favourite sounds and places in Nature, and discovered which tree has a direct link with Sam’s ancestry.

Why folk songs matter

Sam passionately believes in the importance of conserving folk tales and songs, and the connection they provide us to our past, our ancestry, and to the natural world. It was fascinating to dig into this with Sam, and explore just what these songs, and the act of singing them, can teach us today. We also looked at the value of art vs science, and which stories most resonate.

Sam’s new album: Songdreaming

With the release of his new album, Songdreaming, around the corner (March 15th) we got the chance to ask Sam how the album came about, what he hopes people will take from it, and how we can all use our voice to effect change, no matter how musical we are!

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