In Conversation with Nicola Chester

Speaking with Nicola is an absolute Joy. She is warm and welcoming, and like all good writers, transports you through her evocative descriptions.

In our conversation, we journey from chalk grasslands, breezy river sides, to the front line of protest and into the future.  Nature runs through all of Nicola’s work, but at its very heart is a sense of home, belonging and community (check out her chapter in the recently published ‘Wild Service’ to see what I mean). 

We couldn’t be happier to have Nicola as part of our own community, as one of our ReWild Yourself Champions, Class of 2024. 

We hope you enjoy our conversation, which explores Nicola’s own writing story and Nature memories, her motivation and process, and how writing can be an act of resistance, helping bring us together and navigate uncertain futures.

Watch separate clips from the interview below.

Visit Nicola’s ReWild Yourself Champion Profile to watch the full interview and find links to other content and information.

Nicola’s Connection to Nature

Nicola discusses her favorite memories, places and sounds in Nature and also considers how the conservation and climate movements are inextricably linked and can’t be solved in isolation. 

Writing Protest and Belonging 

Nicola explains how she first started writing, what drew her to protest and using her words to fight for Nature, and shares tips for budding writers. She also treats us to readings from her latest essay from the recently published Wild Service book, exploring how connecting to our local Nature can nurture community. 

Climate Fiction 

As one of the judges for the recently launched Climate Fiction Prize, Nicola explains the role fiction can play in helping us navigate uncertainty and understand complex environmental issues. 

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