How to connect with Nature

Connecting with Nature has never been more crucial. Expert research has shown that building a relationship with the world around us directly impacts our wellbeing. So, what does this mean?

How do we connect beyond merely spending a few minutes outside?

The Nature Connectedness Research Group at University of Derby conducted a few studies that provide 5 different pathways, different steps we can take to get closer to Nature and truly engage with it.

5 Pathways to Nature Connection, lead us to connect through…

1. Beauty
Find awe in Nature. Let it inspire you to create something creative or simply admire its scenery.

Activities involving this pathway: take a photo of your favorite landscape; create some wild art; go watch the sunset; etc.

2. Senses
Look closer at the details surrounding you, Nature’s colors, shapes, textures, flavors, sounds…

Activities involving this pathway: listen to the birds sing; enjoy the wind breeze passing through the trees; stop and smell the flowers; etc.

3. Meaning
Embark on a reflective quest, what does the natural world mean to you? Think about the wisdom, signs and wonders that Nature brings to us.

Activities involving this pathway: read folktales based on local Nature; celebrate the changing seasons; be curious about natural phenomena and creatures; etc.

4. Emotion
What positive emotions does Nature make you feel? How can you feel that more often? How could you nurture that emotional bond?

Activities involving this pathway: find joy rolling down a hill with your friends; let a body of water nearby calm you down; talk with someone who is also passionate about nature; etc.

5. Compassion
Understand Nature as a part of ourselves. What can you do for Nature? How can your way of living be an extension of the natural world rather than an obstacle to it?

Activities involving this pathway: plant a tree; volunteer on a wildlife reserve; shop your groceries seasonally; etc.

Other resources that can help you connect with Nature:

– Nathalie Barona

Voice for Nature Foundation

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