We took part in 30 Days Wild ~ June 2023

This June, we’ve been joining in with the 30 Days Wild initiative started by The Wildlife Trust.


Over on our instagram @rewildyourself we’re providing daily prompts for small ways you can connect with Nature every day throughout June. Click on these links to see what we’ve covered in the first half of the month;

  1.  Taste
  2. Touch
  3. Listen
  4. Discover
  5. Empathy
  6. Create
  7. Reduce
  8. Water
  9. Climb
  10. Picnic
  11. Volunteer
  12. Count
  13. Move
  14. Camp
  15. Hike


Follow us on Instagram to see daily prompts to ReWild Yourself every single day for the rest of the month.

Will you join us for the second half of ReWilding in June?

30 Days Wild in June
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