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Tatiana Lopez

Tatiana is an anthropologist, filmmaker, photographer and artist, whose visceral work explores both the spiritual and physical, making the intangible visible and encouraging a positive relationship with the natural world upon which we rely. We selected Tatiana as her work helps people better understand concepts such as ‘sacred reciprocity’ and witsa ikichanu (good living), learned from the Sapara people of the Amazon, in her home country of Ecuador. She is also committed to co-creation and collaborative storytelling, challenging traditional anthropological norms and creating work rich in wisdom, born from shared experience. As part of the Tawna project, Tatiana recently returned from the rainforest, after helping deliver a floating film festival, powered by solar paneled canoes, visiting tribes along the Amazon. 

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How does time in Nature, and feeling connected to Nature, help you personally?

“I do a lot in Nature, especially the mountains, lots of walks, hikes and rock climbing. It helps with both creativity as well as  just the daily routine of life. Time in Nature also makes me feel connected to my roots and spirituality. It inspires in me a different way to relate to my surroundings, affecting how I carry myself, and even how I treat my family and friends. Everything I do with my photography has always been inspired by either spirituality or Nature – this desire to go back to my roots and connect to that ancestry that we all have but sometimes forget.”

What advice do you have for people looking for a better connection with Nature?

“I feel like we all have different ways of approaching Nature and connecting with it. But, what worked for me, when I lived in the city, was just remembering that we’re still breathing the same air, drinking the same water, connecting with the same spirits and elements. Maybe you’re not living in the Amazon or in the mountains, or a place that is surrounded by Nature, but we still have these elements in our homes. So i think creating a sense of gratitude for these elements is important – like when we take a shower, and the water is washing our body, or even when we are just walking and breathing. Sometimes we even forget that we are breathing air.”


What changes would you like to see to help more people access Nature and build positive, nurturing relationships with it? 

“It’s difficult, as we have a system that is always pushing you towards consumerism and distracting you from the value of Nature. It’s an extractive mindset. I’ve always been very conflicted about this and wondered how we break it. It’s ultimately up to us. How do we really want to live? We have to be more conscious of our consumption. We have become very comfortable. Maybe we should think more like indigenous peoples, not just considering the present moment, but thinking about the seven generations that follow us, as well as the seven generations that came before. They didn’t have all this technology, but still made it work; they still had this connection with Nature.”


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