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Svabhu Kohli

From their studio by the sea in Goa, Svabhu creates glorious worlds of Nature, myth and fantasy. Motivated by the degradation of both the environment and our relationship with it, their art reignites feelings of wonder and magic, “rooting us back to our instinctive way of existing in Nature”. No matter the medium or scale, their work invite the viewer to return, finding something new and beautiful each time. What makes Svabhu a Champion, is their commitment to art in public spaces, created with care, in collaboration with those who have valuable wisdom to share. After all, as Svabhu says, “Art is political whether we like it or not”.

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How does time in Nature, and feeling connected to Nature, help you personally?

My connection with Nature is akin to that of a companion, nurturer, and wisdom-sharer, enriching every facet of my life. Whether navigating urban landscapes or wandering amidst natural wonders, I seek solace in the embrace of the sea and the whispers of the trees. It’s an ongoing dialogue where I’m attuned to Nature’s rhythms and messages. Through heightened awareness, I decode its language, finding solace and wonder in its teachings. Despite challenges, each encounter is infused with magic, fostering profound connections with an understanding of our role in this big mysterious world.

What advice do you have for people looking for a better connection with Nature?

Building a relationship with the natural world that surrounds us is crucial for our well-being and the health of the planet. By observing, being curious, and stepping out of our comfort zones, we can uncover the interconnectedness of life. For instance, questioning why certain plants grow around us, identifying the birds in our backyard, or understanding the soil’s color in our front yard opens doors to myriad worlds. Our idea of Nature and wilderness being far from us is a flawed understanding, we are all part of an ecosystem. It’s through building these relationships that we can envision a future that is more inclusive and sustainable for all living beings. For how will we fall in love with this world without knowing and understanding it through deeper levels?


What changes would you like to see to help more people access Nature and build positive, nurturing relationships with it?

“The key is awareness. I live in a democratic country, but democracy can only be alive and active if each and every citizen engages in this process. And to effectively engage, you have to be aware, constantly learning and unlearning this world we inherit – to understand that we’re all interconnected and each choice we make has power. A lack of awareness in today’s world is a privilege. If you think the world is okay, you’re living in an ivory tower. We have to learn to listen to each other more, to understand each other’s lives deeper – expanding into the worlds that go beyond the human realm as well. We are a collective, and together we can harness the power to reimagine the darkest futures that we have built for ourselves – the earth existed long before life erupted on this planet and will continue to be here whether we are here or not – it is we who need this planet if life has to continue – each one of us can make a difference if we learn to do things together.”


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Feature Projects:

Jaisalmer Gyaan Centre x St+Art India: Mural for Grade 6 students

• Art & Communications Team for Amche Mollem Citizen Movement

Blue Carbon In Mangrove Ecosystems: Art and storytelling to understand Mangroves

St+Art Goa / Serendipity Arts Festival 2019: Monument in the heart of Taleigao

The Beacon Show, Sussex: Artwork on Seaford Beach

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