Rewild Yourself Champion 2024/

Laurie King

As a writer, researcher, and guide, Laurie supports people to grow and develop through Nature connection. Her interest in how humans relate to Nature, and why, has inspired a fascinating journey: environmental activism with indigenous groups, community gardening, a PHD on the intersection between foraging and conservation, co-editing Wilder Journeys, and most recently, becoming a Wilderness Therapeutic Practitioner and rites of passage guide. We selected Laurie as a Champion as she has experienced first-hand the transformational effect of profound encounters in Nature to improve lives. She is also dedicated to passing this gift on, through her wonderful writing and facilitation work.

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How does time in Nature, and feeling connected to Nature, help you personally?

“For me, it gives me a sense of guidance. I feel things like humility, gratitude, and interconnection, and that really gives me a sense of perspective. If you go out with an intention, Nature really shows you things. There’s so much metaphor that you can gain from Nature, which helps you on your own journey. I guess, in short, Nature carries me through the year.”

What advice do you have for people looking for a better connection with Nature?

“I think a very simple one would just be to take time each day, just a short time, to notice what’s happening, even if you live in a city. Like this tree I’m looking out of my window here…I notice that the leaves have come off now fully, that it’s wet. So it’s about finding space to sit and notice. It might be for a few minutes each day, or as you’re walking to work or even on the bus. I think noticing is the first step to Nature connection.”


What changes would you like to see to help more people access Nature and build positive, nurturing relationships with it?

“I think public transport needs to be improved to Nature areas. Because not everyone has access to a car. If there was affordable public transport to areas in Nature, that would be a really good start.”


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